"Empowering Women With What They Need To Know About Medicare"

Medicare Wisdom For The Mature Woman

An Exclusive Online Workshop Hosted by Tripp & Wendy Jordan

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What you will learn in the Workshop:

The Exact 10 R's of Medicare For Women And Why You Shouldn't Skip Any Step To Ensure You Don't Make A Mistake (The "Alphabet Soup" of Medicare)
A Crash Course Medicare Education in 30 Minutes Flat That will Have You Impressing Even Your Kids With Your Knowledge (Complete With A List of Action Items Making You Feel More Organized And In Control)
The Eye-Opening Story of What Susan and Donna Went Through (And How You Can Avoid The Same Thing Happening To You) The Eye-Opening Story of What Susan and Donna Went Through
5 Red Flags To Watch Out For When You're Being Approached By Medicare Sales Agents And How To Protect Yourself When You Sense They Don't Have Your Best Interest At Heart
Insider Information Revealing Which Specific Years You Should Review Your Medicare Plan After You Turn 65 And How To Do It (The Savvy Ladies That Are "In The Know" On This Are Outsmarting Their Peers)
Why This May Be The Most Pivitol Point In Your Life And How To Make Sure You Glide Through It Gracefully (Eliminating The Stress And Headaches Most Ladies Go Through Simply Because They Were Never Taught)
One Costly Mistake You Can Make When You Turn 65 That Could Lock You Out of This Highly Popular Plan Forever. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (The Danger Of Not Knowing The "Fine Print")
The Simple, Basic Nuts & Bolts Of What You Need To Know About The Medicare Process, And Nothing More To Bog You Down (Explained In A Way Even a 10yr Old Could Understand It!)
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About Tripp Jordan, Your Medicare Advocate

Quoted as an industry expert in some the world's top publication affiliates including CBS News, Fox, NBC, and  ABC, Tripp Jordan is a nationally recognized Independent Medicare Advisor and is known as the top medicare agent to women around the country for his role in championing to protect them and teaching them their healthcare rights.

After losing both of his parents to  cancer many years ago, he set out on a mission to help people the same age as them understand their options, eliminating all risks regarding their healthcare and providing them the peace of mind in their golden years that everyone is seeking after. 

Coined as “THE Advocate For The Mature Woman’s Healthcare” and considered one of the thought leaders for women’s needs in the medicare world, he is currently authoring a book entitled “Medicare Wisdom For The Mature Woman", which has the potential of hitting best-seller status upon release.

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About Wendy Jordan, "Mrs. North Carolina"

Just crowned the new "Mrs. North Carolina" 2017, Wendy is making it her mission to honor and empower the women of our greatest generation, celebrating the value and worth of their timeless wisdom. Traveling all throughout the state, she makes personal appearances and speaks at her "Mature Woman Workshops".

Alongside her husband Tripp, she co-owns “Jordan Retirement Solutions”, and loves embracing the challenges of business ownership. Working as the Marketing and Operations Manager she is responsible for handling all of it’s web development, content production, public relations, book-keeping and client acquisition.

Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded and runs the educational website MedicareForHer.com, a resource guide helping ladies navigate their way through the transition of traditional healthcare into the world of Medicare.

On the site she and Tripp host an online talk show providing "Medicare Wisdom For The Mature Woman”. Their goal is to help retirees by taking complex Medicare concepts and simplify them using interesting stories and insightful commentary.

She is also the national spokesperson for the "Twilight Wish Foundation", working to enhance the quality of life for the vulnerable, low income elderly, restoring their dignity and bringing them hope through a wish program.

Continue reading her bio HERE...

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